Webinar Funnel Buildout (Just Up To The Webinar)

STEP 1: Fill Out Your Script Builder

Fill out the form above, then you’ll receive an email with the copy for the funnel: (1) the Registration Page, (2) Thank You Page, & (3) Replay Page. You’ll also receive the copy for the (4) Confirmation & Reminders Email Sequence.

You’ll need to review it all and make sure it makes sense, then proceed to the next section to get your funnel template and start the copy and paste process! Once you complete the funnel, then move on to the Confirmation & Reminders Email Sequence Buildout. This draft will 10X your speed into the market and to working with new high-paying coaching clients.

Download Questionnaire Workbook: This handy workbook lays out all of the questions within our form so you can take your time answering them in the workbook, then once you’re ready, transfer over to the digital form.


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